Kotoba / YomTox Reading Class

Kotoba Reading Class (English Class)


Group Lesson (Four 50-minute lessons per month)
Age Groups: Kindergarten Students, Elementary Students, Junior High Students

★ While reading and listening to the narrator’s voice, students will also match and read the story according to how they hear it.

★ We recommend this class for children who have trouble with reading and writing.

★ This class has an emphasis on extensive reading. By reading many books of various genres, students will expand their range of interests.

Kotoba Class Materials


YomTox Reading Class (Japanese Class)

Group Lesson (Four 50 minute classes per month)
Age Groups: Kindergarten Students, Elementary Students, Junior High Students


YOM-TOX is a revolutionary language learning system which makes learning English interesting and fun!

YOM-TOX can be described by the following three main characteristics:


① Many great books for extensive reading and listening.

YOM-TOX adopts the Oxford Reading Tree series from Oxford University Press, which has been reworked for the Japanese classroom. It is a trusted series used in over 80% of elementary schools throughout the United Kingdom.

Children use headphones to listen to recitals of their chosen book while reading along with it. Children choose books based on their level.

Simultaneously listening and reading is a very effective approach to learning English.

② All English!

In YOM-TOX almost all of the books (ORT), sounds, workbooks and apps are presented in English.

Textbooks and materials are all in English.

For students brand new to learning English, Teachers can use Japanese to help ease students in, but once they understand how it works, everything will be in English.

By using this immersive method, children can learn English in the same way native speakers in their home country would learn, therefore they can naturally accumulate an understanding in English.

③ YOM-TOX Reading Method®︎

Iterative learning and continuation are important points in learning a second language. To achieve that, it is important for children to develop a drive to learn on their own.

YOM-TOX Reading Method®︎  aims to develop this drive by providing:

●Exciting & thrilling stories.

●Easy and small step by step learning.

●An abundance of works at all different levels for children to pick by themselves.

●Original works which help deepen content understanding.

●Videos, homework and applications to encourage iterative learning.

In addition to the above, YOM-TOX provides various materials and systems to help boost and encourage children’s individual growth.