Indigo Class

Individual Instruction and Small Group Practice (mixed age group)
Age Groups: Kindergarten Students, Elementary Students

We construct the best lessons to meet our students developmental needs

In the Indigo Class we teach by separating lessons into individual instruction time with small group activities.

We handout revision sheets at the end of each lesson.

We hold interviews with the parents every semester.

★ SST *1
★ Visual Training *2
★ Sensory Integration *3
★ Individual Instruction
★ Topic Review

*1 “SST=Social Skills Training”
We teach how to communicate effectively with others in both one-on-one and group situations. We adapt our approach based on the child’s age.

*2 “Visual Training”
We teach using visual training methods to improve literacy and motor skills.

*3 “Sensory Integration”
We aim to improve life skills and the ability to adapt to everyday life by stimulating the brain through both exercise and play.