English Phonics Class

Individual Lesson (60 minutes)
Age Group: Kindergarten to Junior High School Students

★ In this class we teach the foundations of reading and writing jolly phonics by using Japanese explanations. However if English is preferred we can also use English!

★ Rather than simply memorizing the phonics, we learn them by using various learning methods such as; songs, doing physical actions, studying with flashcards and playing games etc. This makes learning much more fun.

★ This class is also great for children who had difficulty learning English which lead to them disliking it.

〜What is Jolly Phonics?〜

Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centered approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics.

This means that the letter ‘sounds’ are taught first, on their own and children are then taught to blend sounds together to say (‘synthesize’) the word.

It is a government approved teaching method which has been incorporated into the curriculum of more than 67% of Elementary Schools in England.

For more in depth details about jolly phonics, click here.

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