Suginami Ward: Early Elementary Developmental Support Program

For first to third grade Elementary School Students who live in Suginami Ward.

〜Support Outline〜

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Lesson Options:

  • Four 45-minute lessons per month.

  • Two 90-minute lessons per month.

Lessons are taught using a mixture of individual instruction and small group practice. (We make sure to group together children that fit well together.)

SST *1 and Sensory Integration *3 etc are taught in small groups.

Visual Training *2 and Learning Support are taught individually.

★ We give advice to each individual’s parent guardians on how they can get involved with their children and encourage good practice at home at regular intervals throughout the term.

★ We reach out to our students’ school and homeroom teachers by visiting them at school, we then discuss and share our students’ troubles and coordinate together with the school to support our students’ growth.

★ We hand out revision sheets at the end of each lesson with details of what we learnt.


*1 “SST=Social Skills Training”

We teach how to communicate effectively with others in both one-on-one and group situations. We adapt our approach based on the child’s age.

*2 “Visual Training”

We teach using visual training methods to improve literacy and motor skills.

*3 “Sensory Integration”

We aim to improve life skills and the ability to adapt to everyday life by stimulating the brain through both exercise and play.