Kotoba & YomTox Reading Class Summer Courses


Course A       Monday July 22 – Friday July 29

Course B       Monday July 29 – Friday August 2

Course C       Monday August 12 – Friday August 16

Course D       Monday August 19 – Friday August 23

Course E       Monday August 26 – Friday August 30


Tuition Fee (price for one course)

Kotoba Reading Class (Japanese): ¥6,000 (excluding tax)
YomTox Reading Class (English): ¥8,000 (excluding tax)
Kotoba & YomTox Reading Classes: ¥13,000 (excluding tax) 

To inquire about one of our courses:
contact us via our application form
e-mail us at: info-iss@alder-intl.co.jp
call us at: 070-2616-0720   

★ Each lesson is 50 minutes and will be held on five consecutive days.

★ We can adjust the lesson times to fit your schedule (times are based on teacher availability, please contact us for more information).

★ Parents are welcome to observe the class.

★ For more detailed information about the Kotoba Japanese Reading Class click here.

★ For more detailed information about the YomTox English Reading Class click here.